A special thank you to the people who have had an input and have helped with the construction of my website. There are too many to mention but here are just a few.
Bob Moore Hon. FRPS, Hon PAGB

Thank you for your support in recent years with all of your personal lectures, technical advice and inspirational photographs which have helped motivate me with my own assignments.

Guy Williams (Legend)
Rabiya Ravat B.A. M.A.Hons.
John Morgan B.A. M.A. Hons.

Thank you all for constructing and writing an honest and accurate biography of my photographic career to date.

Andy Wharton FRPS

Thank you for all of your technical support and advice with my PC problems and your expertise and instruction on panorama photography.

James Hiscox

Thank you for your initial support and advice into setting up my website.

Arden Photo Group

A special thank you to all members for all their support and inspiring me on my photographic adventures. I have really enjoyed listening to the guest speakers and seeing a whole host of different styles of photography.